This is the 'Big Tree' in the Southern Forests, 86m high at the moment. The Big Tree is reached by a short walk to a viewing platform 2 km along a spur off the road to the Tahune Airwalk (an elevated canopy trail through the forest). Species: Eucalyptus regnans, colloquially Swamp Gum. These eucalypts are the tallest hardwoods (flowering plants) in the world; the only taller living things are the Giant Sequoias of California which are softwoods (conifers). This tree is estimated at 400+ tons, and may be one of the heaviest living things in the world (much heavier than a blue whale at say 150 tons). You can distinguish a young Swamp Gum from other big eucalypts by the lower rough bark turning into bark ribbons and a smooth trunk above. The photo is taken from a platform about 5m above the forest floor.

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